It's hot

Yesterday it was like four hundred degrees outside. I may be exaggerating a little, but it sure felt warm. We've been used to 50 degrees and rain for the last six months, and then we're thrown into a record high day without any adjustment period, it makes people crazy. Crazy enough to decide to do a 30+ mile mountain bike race.
Liz and I are heading to the bear springs MTB race tomorrow. I remember how much that race beat me down last year, and here it is again... time to suffer. And I just checked the forcast for next week... rain and 50 degrees.

In the signal shop, we got Autumn's bike back from Coat and it looks rad! All white with red logos and this is the first painted bike with our new dropout. The paint really highlights the little scallop on the chainstay, it looks good. real good. The bike is going to get built up next week and we'll post more pictures then.

We finished up Pete's singlespeed cross bike during the heat wave 2008. It's got the swoopiest s-bends we've done yet. You're sure to see this bike on the front end of any cross race this fall. Pete is one of the most modest guys you'll ever meet. He'd never brag about how fast he is... so we will. He's fast!