Anthropologie Picnic Bikes

The Picnic bikes are about to show up on Anthropologie's website any day now. They came out great. We managed to build the frames, forks and racks here in Portland, the TIG work was done by Oscar of Simplebicycleco. The bikes are built to be low maintenance and easy to use. The wicker basket holds plates, cups and utensils for two people. It easily snaps off the rack when you aren't needing it. We used Shimano's 3-speed internal rear hub to give the bike some gearing range, without adding the complexity of a derailleur system. And since we didn't have to deal with chain movement during shifting, it was easy to put a chainguard on the bike to keep shoelaces and pant legs out of the chain. The bike comes with wired front lights that are powered by the front hub. Schwalbe tires, Brooks saddle, wheels hand built by Corsa Concepts, we made choices to use high quality parts and put them where they will be noticed.