a few days ago we worked with a friend(mike hills is cool)taking some photos of the bikes that would do them justice. did you notice the raw painters canvas acting as the backdrop of the current photos? the shots that are on the website now are from the night before NAHBS when matt and i were running around trying to settle loose ends. the photos of bikes to date will be posted in their entirety in the next few days but while you wait we thought we would give you an idea of what is to come. here is one image of the cross bike, which is arguably the favorite of the portland cross-a-files.

update on the signal drop-outs: we picked up the first prototypes and liked what we saw. a few dimensional changes here and there and we will be lined up for some production. road, mountain with disc tabs, and single-speed will be the first ones off the production lines and will get a few stainless steel lovelies brazed on before paint. photos to come. thanks for dropping in now and then and thanks for those who have chimed in on the blog. check ya later.