Nate on NAHBS

So now that Matt has done his NAHBS review I thought I would share some of my highlights. I started looking through my camera and realized I had one photo of a bicycle. Everything else was random fun stuff. So I guess I'll share a few random tid bits from the weekend.
First. A husband and wife came by the booth for a bit and the wife mentioned that anyone who had a picture of Marc Bolan and their wall was OK with her and she started cracking up. The husband was quick to point out that any references she made regarding the 60's glam rock band T.Rex would hint too obviously at her age. I shrugged my shoulders having no idea who Marc Bolan was and smiled, hinting obviously at my age. Matt started singing Get it On, Bang a Gong to remind me of their hit. They exited quietly.
I'm sure many of you have seen or heard about the short animated videos out there in cyberland that talk about frame building in Portland. You know, the one were they talk about moving to Portland to become a frame builder. Get some skinny jeans, tattoos and a torch and boom, frame builder. The video is smart enough to talk about colourways too, as we all know a bike is worthless without an outstanding colourway. Curtis Inglis has turned the colourway industry on it's head, folks! Colourways are not just for Portland any more as proven by his ingenious shoe/bike colourway idea.
Richmond has a lot of barber shops. Not kidding, a few on each block. These are the barber shops with 60 year old chairs and worn out carpet and the barber has probably cut three or four generations of hair. And if it wasn't barber shops it was wig parlors. I guess parlors is the right word.

At the end of the show we all set about taking our booths down and crating up all the goods. The Portland crew were the last ones out of the convention center, go figure. I shot this video of Matt and Carey taking the caster wheels off of one of our crates after realizing that it was way too tall to fit inside out shipping truck. Four bolts per wheel with an adjustable wrench left us on the loading dock for way too long. It was fine though. Don Ferris of Anvil busted out ANOTHER bottle of whiskey and the rest of us sat and watched. Fun wrap-up of a busy weekend.