Liz and I went for a mountain bike ride today with Pete, Marila, and Megan. The trails are just starting to dry out, but are still full of slick roots that keep it interesting. I love mountain bike rides. It's so fun to go out there and slip around with a big ol' grin, and get giddy. The sun came out today and the trees are just starting to turn pink. This is the time of year that Portlanders look forward to all winter. It's payback time!

I'm going to post a couple shameless self promotional links here: wants to "race the hell out of" our cross bike, and then "keep it in the bedroom". I think that may be one of the best compliments so far,

urbanvelo posted a picture of our city bike in its latest issue. It looks good even in black and white!

We are getting going on a few customer bikes this week. I'll be posting build pictures on our flickr page, so check that out. Nate and I are right in the middle of designing our own dropouts too. With CAD help from Brandon (thanks!), and some long nights, we're getting closer.