bike builders as artists

a friend of mine mentioned that we should post a photo of our artwork since we talk about being art students and painters on the website. sounded great to me until i started perusing my photos of my artwork. my documentation is not something to be proud of. so for your viewing pleasure we go all the way back to my senior painting thesis, circa 2004, a solo show that i had at a local gallery. i've made newer and mo' better paintings since then, believe me, but i haven't put together an updated photo group yet. maybe in the future, like we all say about things we want to enjoy doing on the side of the things we are doing.

for bike building- we have taken in a few orders from the show and expect a few more in the next week or so. check back as we intend to document the build process for our customers and for all you out there wondering what's going on in the signal cycles shop. take care and remember what my mom used to say when commenting on someone's artwork. "Have mercy."
good night neverland. and matt-you're next. and don't make me look bad.