Monkey Wrench on Bike Radar

wrenchMy old buddy, Nate Woodman, was recently interviewed for Bike Radar. The topic was the incredible bike shop he co-owns with another good friend, Eric Peterson, in my old college town of Lincoln, Nebraska. I love Portland, and it has become my home for now, but many times I find myself deeply missing my old Lincoln friends and the unique and intimate bike scene centered around Monkey Wrench.  In a scene like Portland, where everybody would consider themselves a cyclist on some level, bike shops abound, and a community saturated with past, present and future bike industry folks, it can be hard to find your place. A place you feel at home, bound by a group of the most sincerest friends who share your personality and lifestyle. Nate and Eric have done a great job creating that vibe in Lincoln and Monkey Wrench is the epicenter. Congrats Nate and Eric (and Carl). The shop deserves so much respect.