show's over

We had a fantastic weekend. The show was very well attended, and our booth was pretty full for most of the weekend. We got a lot of great feedback on all the bikes, it seemed like the blue city bike was the most commented on. The racks that Ben made for us took that bike to the next level. Portland totally represented. It was great showing with the beautiful bikes of Strawberry, Sweetpea, Vanilla, Hufnagle, Vertigo, Ira Ryan, Pereira (who had a fantastic road bike that should've won the road category). Ahearne took a well deserved trophy for city bike. Big congratulations to Aaron at Courage Cycles for winning best new builder. Aaron had a fantastic group of bikes, especially the cross rig. A really nice showing and you can tell he's paying attention to the details.
The roller races on Saturday night were totally fun (except for the "Dean-you-win-oh-wait-you-loose-oh-wait-you-are-both-winners" fiasco). I got completely killed by one Tony Pereira (thanks Liz).
all said it was a super fun weekend, and I'm really glad it's over so I can sleep now.

We gained a lot of momentum from the show, the inbox is filling up and we're trying to get info out as soon as we can. Thanks for looking at our stuff. Oh and we've enabled comments, so you can tell us what you think, unless you want to say something that would offend my mom.