2010 NAHBS awards

The 2010 edition of NAHBS is over and everyone wants to know what was cool at the show. So I put together a little sample of what I saw and what I found exciting.

Best in show: Dave Kirk's new road dropouts. These svelte beauties have ball sockets in each end making the builder's life a complete breeze. No more bending plate dropouts, no more slotting... this man is a genius.

Best raw bike: The Spectrum tandem is without a doubt the most amazing peice of raw steel I saw at the show. The BB lugs are fabricated and brazed to the EBB and a section of the seat tube and then the small assembly is set up in the mill and faced and bored to size, THEN the tubes are brazed into the "lugs" and the seat tube is brazed into its sleeve. So much work and so pretty.

Best lugs that I saw: Ellis. In my mind Dave Wages just seems so damn sensible. And then I look at his lug shapes and they seem perfectly asymmetrical in a way that makes me think "I wish I'd thought of doing that." interesting without being obnoxious, that is tough ground to walk.

Best booth not trying to be ironic: Rapha. Apparently some people think cigarettes are offensive even in Richmond! The booth came together beautifully. It sounds like they had a busy weekend.

Best track bike: That white Vanilla makes me want to wear my keys on my belt loop and peg my pants. The head tube alone has more going on than every bike that we brought to the show put together. And rumor has it those chain stays are so big they are illegal in N. Korea.

Biggest personality hiding just under the surface: Mark DiNuicci. A real Oregon treasure.

Best most ambitious internal wiring on a lavender frame: Geekhouse. Bass guitar string as a housing? Check! Lights mounted in the fork leg and seat post? Check!

Best breakfast joint in Richmond: Pearly's Those biscuits are actually winning this prize singlehandedly. There's got to be a stuck of butter in each one.

Honorable mentions:
Best vomit story from the weekend: TIE! It's either the King guys dealing with a passenger projectile vomit on the ride to Richmond, or it's Carey loosing her fish on the floor of Penny Lane when Nate cracked her up.

Best bike with a flame thrower in it: Ground up puts the rad in Colorado!

That's it. Maybe I'll strong arm Nate into giving his take on the show. Stay tuned!