website is up!

...but I guess if you are reading this you know already.
All the NAHBS preperation is underway. We are about a month away, and all of our bikes are at paint. It's hard to wait for all this cool stuff to show up.

I've been working on a bike for my wife Elizabeth. She's getting a geared fender road bike. She's been without a road bike for about a year now and this one is her (late) christmas present. I'm pretty close to being done. It is going to be the last of the cardinals (since it's her last name too, I figured she deserves one). The bike is all fillet brazed with breezer style dropouts. Nothing too ground-breaking, but it's a bike that fits her, and that's something she has had real trouble finding. I can't wait to go on a long ride with her when it's all done.

We're leaving for Italy next week. We'll be heading to the cyclocross world championships in Treviso. I'll take a lot of pictures.