NAHBS 2010 Day 1 down!

After all the set up and prep, we had our first full day of the bike show. It's been interesting to think about how this weekend brings all of these incredible artisans together under one roof. "Oh look it's Tom Kellogg! Isn't that Dario Peroretti?" Crazy.
This year out booth location couldn't be better. We are on the corner of a big ol aisle and right next to the friendly giant Curtis Inglis. He and Mitsy are two of the best people in the biz. Every time we do a show together, I feel lucky to get to spend more time around them. Quality folks.
My perception is that the show wasn't very busy today. The Signal booth is in a good location, but the traffic has been coming a lot slower than I expected. There were no moments of booth overload. Maybe I should have taken the opportunity to walk around and look at other people's booths.
So far the booth building is on a whole new level. Rapha put together an entire convenience store complete with a refrigerator and snickers bars. The design and detail is pretty fantastic. Bilenky set up their entire workshop and it is AMAZING! I'll have to get over there to shoot it, it's pretty unbelievable. they brought a drill press, tons of raw frames, a torch, tools... they are operating on a whole other level. Of course the Vanilla booth is rad, and the bike are incredible as always. The trackvagon has some of the largest chainstays I've ever seen. the new seatpost masts are really pretty as well.
I have a few pictures up on our flickr page and I promise I'll add more. But for now, I'm going to go back to bed and rest my aching feet!