Mickey's touring bike

Mickey's bike is finally ready to roll! Mickey came to me and said that he wanted a bike to ride across the country with. He's done it before and it sounded like quite an adventure. As we started planning the bike a few ideas came up. Mickey decided he wanted to use SRAM Rival shifters and a 10 speed mountain derailleur in order to have the ability to use mountain gearing. The drivetrain choices really informed a lot of the parts package. The XT mountain bike front derailleur will not operate with a SRAM (or Shimano for that matter) road shifter, so we gutted the shift lever and brazed a friction shifter to the stem.

Mickey also wanted a bike with disc brakes. We thought it would be really cool to have a road bike with the smaller 140mm rotors that are now being offered by Aid on the BB7 rear brakes. I thought I would be able to figure out how to use a 140mm rotor in the front too and that was the plan, until I actually tried to make it happen! I spent a few weeks trying to fabricate a mount, then a post mount, then I just decided it wasn't going to work. In hindsight I believe it's possible to do, but It would require designing a new front dropout. It was level of tooling and planing that I just didn't account for. With the amount of time already tied up in the plate crown fork, I managed to convince Mickey that 160 rotors would be OK, and reluctantly, he agreed. We did route the front brake through the fork leg, and the paint details on this fork are really nice. We made the bike using Paragon's low mount disc dropouts so the bike can have racks easily installed without interfering with the disc brakes. The tubing is Columbus butted steel with Dedaccai fork legs. I'm anxious to hear a ride report from Mickey soon!

For more pictures of this bike have a look at this set on flickr.