Closer to NAHBS

Everything is coming together. We have a few loose ends to tie up and we should be ready to get on the plane and fly to Richmond. The winter months have been good for us, seems like there are a lot of people out there making plans for new Signal bikes and we are happy to build them. The popular bike for us right now is the long reach fendered road bike. It is the perfect Pacific NW do it all bike. Nate and I have talked a lot about this type of bike and we both feel like it is the bike we want to build for ourselves. For some reason the mainstream bike companies have ignored this category of bike. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because these bikes aren't as "sexy" as the lean mean racing machines that they popularize through race teams. But for the real world a fendered road bike makes a lot of sense. Pack a sandwich, grab a map, and head out and explore the unknown squiggly lines.
It will be a good trip to the show. There are going to be a lot of Portland folks out there (Ira Ryan, Tony Pereira, the Rapha crew), but not a lot showing bikes. The only Portland builders with booths will be us, Vanilla, and Cielo (Chris King). That is WAY down from the height of the Portland representation at the 2008 NAHBS. It IS expensive, and a LOT of work, but we feel like it is well worth it. Being involved with the national show is how we stay connected to the big conversation of handmade bikes.

Stay tuned...