Smoked Out

Another plug for the smoked out pages on VelocipedeSalon. We haven't seen much traffic in the last few weeks so if you have any questions about Signal or just questions about bikes in general, we'd love to hear them. Here's an excerpt from one of the questions:

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I think your stuff is tops.

Can you talk about the "art" side of you guys? Someone told me, I talked to one of you, I read...something along those lines that you guys were/are "art" guys. Meaning painting and stuff (degrees or past study) like that. Please talk about that background (if I'm even right), and how that effects your work and what you like to do with your work going forward.

(And this is Nate's Answer)

Ok, one more post. Matt and I both went to art school and recieved our BFAs in painting. I think our paintings share alot of similar qualities and we both tend to like the same painters. I think objects that catch your eye are universal, be it paintings, bike frames, or furniture. You know what you like and what you don´t like. I have a few of my large oil paintings hanging in my house and I´ve noticed that many of my favorite oil colors have found their way into our frames, website, t-shirts, etc. Matt and I talk about design while in the shop and I don´t think we have come up with THE answer as to why some asthetic qualities just work and somethings never will. As Steve Biko in Tribe Called Quest once said, "opinions are like voices, we all have a different kind."


So check it out if you can, there is a lot of good stuff in there from a lot of great builders.

So far the likes of Carl Strong, Mike Zanconato, Ellis, Winter Bikes and more. Plenty of bike geek speak.