Hi folks. Just a quick update from the Signal shop. Our new headbadges arrived today! The next 50 bikes will have these so I hope everyone likes them. They are etched pewter and look really classy. Parts are getting installed on Nate Woodman's bike. Old mountain bike components were so nice! Myles and Brians bike are at paint. I was able to see Myles bike with the base coat and the paint looks great. Hope to have that back and ready to build up by mid-week next week and Brians will be done at the last minute!

For the next week or so Matt and I will be designing and building our display booth. We always put a lot of work into our booths but we hang out in them for three days straight so might as well have fun with it. We did a living room theme last year with wall paper and everything. I'm thinking kitchen theme this year. Stop by the booth-maybe they'll be some fresh bread ready or something. Check ya later.