Lathe Moving Day

This last weekend we picked up our new (to us) lathe. It's a beautiful Monarch 10EE built in 1946. It was reconditioned by our friend Brett Flemming of EVT in Vancouver Washington. Brett knows machines and he's been keeping an eye out for a lathe us for a little while now. This machine was sitting in the Nevada desert and needed some TLC before we would be able to use it. Brett changed the motor out and added wiring that will work in the garage (220 instead of 3 phase). We'll be able to meiter main tubes and seatstays and chainstays with an additional tool that Brett threw in with the lathe. We also got a really cool little alignment table that will really add to efficiency. The shop is getting pretty packed, but we feel that is getting more pro by the day. Maybe we should have an open house?

Some more pictures: