Today was a good day

It was a good day of tying up the details on the last two bikes we have planned for the "big show." Brian Twilley's singlespeed 29er is pretty much done and it is going to be a hot bike! I was realizing that we have showed a mountain bike at each of the shows we've been at and they have all been singlespeed 29ers. There's something about that category of bike that I find really appealing. The simplicity of a singlespeed makes for a low maintenance, quiet way to experience trails, and the 29" wheels rolling abilities take just enough of the bite out of the bumps. It's a really fun, efficient bike.
The last bike that we are taking to the show is my personal city bike.I'm getting so excited about the thought of riding this bike. I thought about this bike a lot and decided to make a Signal version of the bike I've been riding for the past six years as my daily ride bike. That bike is a Miyata with a front rack that I built for it. I found a European spec Shimano front wheel that has a dynamo/ drum combination and I've been riding it for about three years and love it. The dynamo powers a front light so I never need batteries and the drum brake means that there is no wear on the rim from brake pads, so the wheel should last forever. This bike is all about being low maintenance and utilitarian. I had a weird idea for a chain guard and tried it on this bike (because I know the customer won't mind) and it came out really nice. I also built a big flat front rack that I'll use to carry my bag on when I'm riding across town. The coolest part of this bike will probably be the alloy shelled coaster brake hub. It will be a prototype for a hub that I've been wanting to make for years now. It's pretty top secret, but if you are at the show, be sure not to miss it!

Now I just have to figure out what color to paint it.