Fasil's road bike

Fasil approached us last year. He was thinking that he needed to get on a new bike this spring. We talked a bit about design and found out that he is a steel bike guy, he owns a few other steel bikes, the one we got to look at was a cool old Steelman. So he decided on a straight forward Signal road bike, s-bend stays, but not too flashy. The paint is a one color liquid color called Asphalt (appropriate) We built the bike up with Corsa Concepts wheels and Chris King R-45 hubs and a full Ultegra kit. It's a good example of a completely useable, real world bike. No tubular tires, or wheels that blow up. Ultegra has to be the sweet spot of value and performance in Shimano's line up of components. So the bike came together beautifully! The subtile blue accents add a bit of pop to the gray scheme. We used a blend of Columbus tubing in mostly oversize specs to give the frame a nice response to the rider input. The s-bent seat stays give a little spring that should make those longer rides a little more comfortable. And they look cool! When Fasil picked up his bike, he was all smiles. It's a good feeling to see customer and bike united for the first time. After his first ride I got this email: Hi Fellas,

First real road ride with the machine today.....all I have to say is AMAZING!

Went out with my old buddy Greg Johnson, we were just going to go to Sauvies but due to winds, decided to do some climbing.....my arch nemesis Newberry Hill was the first climb...I have to say I know that hill like the back of my hand and the bike is so good in the climbs...light, nimble, very responsive....felt so great climbing the first switchback, I didn't listen to my legs and just punched through the first couple of turns of course this didn't last long..but I ended at the top of climb with a big smile on my face which is usually not the case.

We ended doing a loop and climbed up Old German Town road on the way home...and got to test the handling of this new ride on the German Town road descent.....let me say this bike holds a line like no other I've ever owned. Felt very confident in the saddle of this bike and for good reason. I'm so glad I gave you guys a call on this project. Thanks for the hardwork and a bike I'll own the rest of my life.

Sincerely, -Fasil