Shinya Imafuji

Our first bike heading to Japan. It was fun working with Shinya Imafuji. I really want to go to Japan some day. Maybe I can fit in the box...Shinya Imafuji CX

Heading to the land of the rising sun

pink and checker


In other news, we haven't got power to the garage yet, so the mighty Monarch sits idle. The problem (as I see it) is that I can always convince myself that the 10 hours of cutting concrete and digging ditches could be better spent with a file and emery paper. We'll get there soon. It's mid-June and for some reason we still feel the need to turn the heater on. This spring has been pretty brutal. It's the kind of weather that makes the Californians think twice before really committing to living here. Truthfully, it's probably been one of the more difficult springs I've been through here. And I've been in Oregon since '86. In all likely hood the sun will come out in a week or so, and all of us will collectively sigh and say "It's too hot!"

There are plenty of bikes to build this summer. In the works right now are a geared mountain bike, a s-bend road bike, and a special city bike. Looking ahead we've got a cross bike or two and several more road bikes. We'll be picking up a light rando bike from the painters tomorrow for Ryan. It's a really cool bike. When ever we got to a point where a decision needed to be made Ryan's answer was "Do what you think is best." We did, and the resulting bike is very cool. Stay tuned!