Newly formatted blog thanks to Brian Twilley! Something about blogs and my limited knowledge of CSS and where to put the things that the page wants. I tried, but it was a pretty bad try. Let's move along shall we?
Lots going on right now in the Signal shop. We did a pretty big reorganization a few weeks ago and now when I walk into the shop, it feels like we gained so much more space. It's really important to squeeze as much functionality as we can out of the tiny footprint that we occupy. I feel like took it up a few notches.
We are nearing the end of our NAHBS preparation. Two bikes down and one (maybe two) to go. How about a round up of the bikes we are taking?
First is Nate Woodman's fillet brazed city/ dirt bike. It will be built up with 700c wheels, fenders and a load of hoarded old school mountain bike components. We used a Pacenti crown for the fork and added a custom stem as well. The bike will have a custom built Vertigo titanium handlebar too!

The above picture is Myles H's long reach brake, fendered road bike. It will have all Ultegra components and a lugged frame and fork with a custom stem and a front rack (maybe a rear rack if we can squeeze it out). It's a sporty road bike that will be comfortable for those longer all day rides.
Third is Brian Twilley's single speed 29er. It is a fillet brazed frame with an eccentric Bottom bracket and clearance for some huge tires. This bike has internal rear brake routing and will be built with a rigid carbon fork.
Bike four, if it happens is my personal city bike. I really want to get it done, but it's the one that can fall off the plate first. I built a classic road frame with single speed dropouts and a plate crown fork. I'm planning on building it up with either a coaster brake or a fixed gear rear wheel and a dynamo drum front wheel. It will have a big flat front rack and a custom flat bar/stem combo. If I can get it done. And there is room in the crate for it.
And other big news is we got an awesome new vice stand from EVT. It is topped with the nicest vice ever to be used by Signal Cycles, a Reed (Thanks Brett!).

That's all for now. We'll keep lighting the torch and taking pictures. Thanks for reading.