Newest signals are out on the streets

We've uploaded some detail pictures of the two latest bikes to roll out of the signal shop. Nahanni's mixtie is made of Columbus tubes with some 4130 toptubes, and a Dedaccai fork. The "lugs" are sleeves that fit over the head tube and are fillet brazed to the top and downtubes. It's the first bike we've made using this process and we're pretty excited about how it came out. Ben Leonard of Trucker racks made the beautiful racks for this bike. The front rack is one of the first of his newest production offering. The bars around the platform can be unbolted and arranged in several configurations.

Ryan's road bike is one of those long reach brake, fender bikes that we've been getting a lot of interest in lately. This bike is pretty similar to Myles' blue road bike that we took to NAHBS in February. Columbus spirit tubes Richard Sachs lugs and bottom bracket, Dedaccai fork legs. We did add internal rear brake routing and we have a really nice stem that wasn't ready when we shot these shot these photos. Ryan picked the bike up and started riding down the Oregon coast the next day! That's one way to break in a new Brooks seat! The paint colors came out beautifully. Ryan is one of those customers who came to us because he likes what we've done and whenever a question came up, his answer was "Do what you think is best." So we did. We picked a sensible component group that would provide trouble-free riding, and a paint job that will turn heads. It's always nice when Nate and I can sit down with a paint book and just do what we want. I think it came out beautifully. Thanks Ryan!