Went to Bunk for lunch today and it was raining pretty good so there wasn't even a line! It's the place with the best tuna melt around, but don't tell anyone, the lines are already long enough. They also serve coke in bottles from Mexico so they have sugar instead of corn syrup. Good stuff.
The NAHBS preparation is still taking most of our time. For some reason we decided that this would be a perfect time to rearrange the shop. Actually, the reason we got motivated is that we helped Ira Ryan move a lathe into his new shop and then went over to check out Tony Pereira's new shop... all that shop looking and tool fondling made us feel a little inadequate. So we are in the process of trying to squeeze all the space we can out of our tiny workshop. It started with a trip to the rebuilding center. And now there is a big mess in the middle of the floor. Ahhh... as the saying goes it's always darkest before the dawn. Speaking of darkness, on the bike ride home today in the rain at 5:30pm I noticed a little patch of blue up there among the rain clouds. Yep, there's light in the sky at 5:30! Pretty soon we'll all have sunburn and be complaining about how damn hot it is.
In other news, I just heard today that Woodman's bike is all ready to be picked up from the painters. Hopefully we'll pick it up tomorrow and take a few pictures to show it off. Stay tuned!