Hand-me-down Signal

I am the second born in my family and with an older brother I was always subjected to his hand-me-down clothes, toys, shoes..... That was until I got bigger than him. So here we are, in our 30's and the roles are reversed. My brother, Andy, is set to inherit the first bike I ever built. With cross season coming up we asked my brother to be an "official" member of the Signal cross team this year. Last year he raced in our team kit but didn't have a team bike. I decided that I could do a few changes and improvements to bike #1 and give it to him as his team bike. The original bike had fastback style seatstays that offered very little mud clearance so I chopped them off and brazed in some capped stays in addition to a new seat tube sleeve that we use on all current fillet brazed Signals. It was fun to see this old frame again and make some improvements and keep it in the family!

So when you see Andy racing his new single speed this year feel free to roll up to him and remind him how rad his hand-me-down is.........he could've gotten shoes!