The latest

There is a lot going on over here in Portland. It's getting to be fall again, and that marks the beginning of 'cross season. The Oregon Bike Constructor's Show was this last weekend too. Nate and I didn't show this year, but we did make it down to see what everyone was up to. I didn't have unlimited time though, so I only got a quick second to look at everything, but I gotta say that Mitch Pryor guy really knows how to make a beautiful bike. I was also really impressed with Greg Morris from Milholland's bikes too. The blue mountain bike that Andy M is getting is one of those "too nice to ride" kind of mountain bikes. It looked like a good show, and walking around made me a little sad that we weren't there, but the timing just wasn't good for us this year. Bike Gallery in Lake Oswego did get Joel Przybilla's bike built up. That thing is awesome! I can't wait to hear how Joel likes it. I still haven't met him, but hopefully this bike will help his knee rehab go well. I'd love it if Nate and I could get to some games this year and cheer him on! Kelly at Lake Oswego BG did a great job picking parts, the built bike looks tough! The other cool bit of news is that I replaced my sorry old computer with a new one that works like magic. I've been pretty quiet with the blog and with the website because posting was an exercise in patience. Now with the new machine, it's a lot easier to stay connected and to show you all what Signal is up to.