cross recap and NAHBS forecap

Sunday was the final Cross Crusade race and we were out there cheering for the team. It was wet and muddy and it was Barton Park. I think it was John Dorfer who called this course the "home of the mechanical" and it did not disappoint. Both Marila and Dave had race ending mechanicals at about the same time into the A race. Kind of a bummer to end the season that way for those guys, but Pete and Carey had fantastic races and both looked like they were having a good time despite the cold wet conditions. Carey rode into 5th place and Pete ended up in 8th.

It was a good year for us. I felt like the team looked awesome out there and it was really great to have four awesome people out there representing us. Big thanks to Chris King and Aplha Q for providing equipment for the team and to EVT for providing us with great tools and support to make the bikes.

I'm already looking forward to next year. I think I'm going to try to make sure me and Liz can get out there an join in on the races. We both missed mixing it up this year, but we're pretty happy with our excuse! Nate even might have threatened to do a race or two next year (I think I've heard that one before!). So look out 2010!

We've been working on Mickey's disc brake touring bike that he intends on riding coast to coast next year. It's coming together and just has to have a stem finished and small details worked out before we send it to paint. I'm really excited to see the built up painted bike. We're doing a red and gold scheme, something I've been wanting to try for a while.

Beyond that, believe it or not, we're starting to think about NAHBS bikes already. Last year we weren't even sure we were going till the month before the show so we were scrambling. This year we're making plans and really want to have a good representation of what Signal means to us. We'll try to keep you all posted on that without giving away too much!