Another October 22

Almost here. I'm sorry I haven't done more. Life has been full over the last couple years. I regret not taking advantage of the opportunity to make a permanent memorial for Brett. I hope the door isn't closing for that. I miss my friend every day. Fridays are usually a productive day in the shop for Nate and me. Last week we took a look at a space that we are going to try to move into early next year. We'll be expanding our footprint by about 4x. We really need the room and not having the shop at my house will make things a lot easier for Signal and for the Cardinals. It might be a few months before we get the place dialed, but we will have an open house as soon as we can. You are invited!

Joel Przybilla picked up his huge 29er mountain bike this week. Bike Portland did a nice write up and photo essay of it. It was a real treat to make a bike for a guy that we'll watch play ball this year. I really hope Joel gets to stay in Portland. We need his skills in the center position!

Mark Kaufman's bike is coming together nicely. We'll post some pictures tomorrow in Velocipede Salon's "Friday Night Lights" forum. It's a place where a lot of builders put pictures of what they have been working on over the week. I've got to say I think the velocipede salon is a great online forum. There is a nice mix of new bike people and more seasoned folks and the discussions are pretty smart. If a thread gets too far off topic, or has already been covered to death, the moderators have no problem locking it. I like that.

That's all for now. Please leave a comment. It feels like an echo chamber in this place lately. (did that sound desperate enough?)