Ergon Grips

So it's no secret that Pete has been using a flat bar for cyclocross this year (much to the dismay of Matt Hall). We had an opportunity to have Pete try some of the new Ergon grips and get his feedback. Here's what he had to say:

I love the grips.

I was concerned that the single clamp on each grip would not be enough to prevent rotation (as opposed to dual clamp 'lock on' style grips). Turns out they are plenty secure and the stiff plastic body prevents any noticeable flex (which I have noticed on other single clamp grips from other manufacturers). I like the "thinner" diameter of the grip. I like the hard compound. This makes it feel 'positive' in a variety of coditions (including wet and mud). They are easier to clean than the softer compound Lizard Skins grips I was using prior to the Ergon (both white). I don't notice the ergonomic shape which I consider a point on the plus side. Some ergo grips seem excessive and distracting, but not these. On the other hand, I do not feel soreness in my palm like I do with other grips, even after a bumpy course, so the shaping must be doing something to help distribute shock and support my hands. I will definitely recommend these grips to customers when I'm working at the bike shop.