Report from Astoria

Another great post from Carey our representative in the Women's B field at the Cross Crusade races. Thanks Carey!

"Nice ride Signal!"

"Go Signal!"

"Nice job Carey!"

"Come on Signal you can run faster!"

"Yeah Signal, nice jump!"

Astoria, OR: Hard course on Saturday for those that only ride once a week, aka me. Super fun though...hit the NUUN jump on the backside every time. No legs meant holding first place for 3 laps then basically pedaled backwards to 14th. But, for me it was less about placings that day but more about hitting that jump, trying to ride halfway up the run up every time, hitting the switchback turns smoother, harder, and faster, and being as graceful and efficient on every technical part of the course as I could. When the legs and lungs aren't in it...I love trying to be more smooth every lap.

I always say, "When the courses are more technical and less fitness driven, I'll be walking away with the gold everyday!" Ha.

Once again a fun day on the course and I love that people that don't know my name call me SIGNAL.

- Carey S-H