The wee hours

The time change happened up here in the Pacific Northwest. It is now dark before the work day is over and it makes for some dreary prospects for winter. Aside from that Nate and I have been cranking in the shop the last couple of months. We have some exciting projects we are currently working on. One will be revealed at NAHBS, although I'm sure we'll be posting the process here and there along the way. Today was a paint pick up day from Coat. These days are always a lot of fun. We got Mark K's single speed town bike back and it is a real beauty. It features brushed stainless lugs, a plated stem, and painted to match fenders. After treating the inside of the tubes with frame saver, we spent the remainder of the day hanging parts on the frame. As Nate and I looked it over and eyed the details, we agreed that Signal has come a long way in the last 4 years. I am proud of all the bikes we've made, but with this bike, it is clear that we are making improvements in all areas of our build process. Building bikes can be a repetitive process, sometimes if feels like a bike is just a bike, but every once and a while it is possible to straighten your back up from the bench, look around at what you are making and think "Yeah, we are rolling now."

We finally got our lathe running too. We kept putting it off, because running 220 out to the shop was going to require trenching and just a lot of time. But now that it is running, we are kicking ourselves for not making it happen sooner. We are using it to mieter tubing and to make all kinds of little doodads for the shop. It is a serious machine and one that we feel lucky to own.