A new mountain bike and secrets revealed!

I finished up my wife's new 26" mountain bike. She used to have a Rocky Mountain Blizzard that she loved but sold to get something lighter. It was a decision that she has always regretted. Hopefully this bike will be a good replacement for her. I put a lot of love into every part of it. There is a full set of photos on our flickr page. Another cool project that is in the works is a production bike that will be available this spring. I was planning on keeping it secret until they are available, but where is the fun in that? The bike is a fillet brazed Columbus steel frame and fork with s-bend stays built around Shimano long reach brakes. These calipers will allow for larger tires and fenders. We will be building all of the bikes in house, and making them available in 5 sizes to start (52-60 in 2cm increments). These bikes will also be built with Richard Sachs dropouts, basically a copy of the old semi-horizontal Campagnolo dropouts that used to come on every Italian steel bike. One added perk to these is that if you want to make the bike single speed, there is enough room in the dropout to do so. The geometry will be fairly sporty. We'll be making the chainstays long enough to work with fenders and bigger tires, but not so long that it rides like a touring bike. It is going to be a great all around steel road bike. These are complete bikes only, available with 105 for $3200. The group is 100% Shimano with wheels that feature 105 hubs, DT rims and spokes, and are built by us. Every bike will also come with a Chris King headset, because we like Chris King. The order process is still being decided on, but essentially we are planning on having frames available at any time. Make a deposit and we will braze on the custom serial number with the customer name and send the bike to the painters. Turn around at paint is 4-5 weeks. We are still trying to come up with a name for this bike. When Nate and I talk about it, we call it a "west hills bike." Any suggestions?

Keep watching for photo updates and more information on this bike. We'll start selling the bikes at NAHBS in February. Let us know if you have any questions.