Middle of cyclocross season

Today we drove out to the Cross Crusade race, popped up the tent and cheered for our team. We were without Marila today, and she missed a hilly tough course! It was dry and really bumpy, so I was glad that we finally got tires for our super-rad Chris King team wheels. The wheelsets are using Ambrosino tubular cronos rims with Challenge tires glued on. The 34mm tires were the perfect weapon for the course, I'm sure riders were wishing they had their mountain bikes with suspension after a couple laps of those bumps. Pete overcame a slight mechanical and had to pour it on in the end to make up ground. I overheard another rider in the singlespeed race say "I thought I was doing pretty good, passing people and moving up, and then Pete rode past me like I was standing still!" I know that feeling too, usually when he's lapping me.
Carey was looking good in her race, I didn't see where she ended up, but I know she was up there in the points.
And in the Men's A race Dave Roth had an amazing ride into the fifth place spot. The climb seemed to splinter the field and the top few guys really were going super fast. Congrats to Molly Cameron for taking the W, Eric Tonkin 2nd, Sean Babcock 3rd, Kevin Hulik 4th, and Dave in a solid 5th. Impressive. And my little 6 week old daughter Sunday hung out all day like a champ. It's her third cross race (so far), and I think it was her favorite.