The last few weeks have been really exciting for the Signal family! Sunday Cardinal is the newest member of the immediate family and is joined by the Signal's extended family; the cross team. It's coming down to the wire. We picked up the new team bikes from paint tonight and have them hanging in the shop along with a few customer bikes, and the Oregon Manifest bike and a frameset shipping out to the UK and it feels great to see what has happened here in the last month! We'll get you some photos of the team bikes as soon as we can. A huge thanks goes out to Pete. Not only does he race fast, he builds wheels fast! I think he was seeing how busy things were getting for us and he volunteered his skills to get the team tubulars all built up. GEEZ! What a guy. Seeing all these wheels hanging up ready for glue was a huge help for us, so thanks again Pete. This up coming weekend is packed. My brother, Andy, is going to be riding our Manifest bike for us as Matt and I have let out legs go soft over the last month. Looking forward to seeing everyone at this weekends events! We'll be rolling with bottles of vino!