New news

NAHBS prep in January is like that Beastie Boys song, Girls. "In the morning it is NAHBS, In the evening it is NAHBS...." Always thinking of the stuff that still needs to get done.  Two more bikes are at the painters right now and another will be there this Friday, a sweet single speed 29er for a college buddy of mine. The show is just around the corner.   It's really at the corner, it seems. Before you know it, the big wooden crate with all our goodies will be loaded into a truck and the show will be on the road. Wow, a back to back cliche. I guess that's what happens when you blog past your bedtime. In non-Signal news, I've been nominated o be a juror at this years Filmed by Bike festival by some crazy person who probably has creepy facial hair filled with day old food crumbs. As a juror, I will spend and few days with the other jurors watching all the submissions and come up with the best ones to show to all of you. I was told bribes will not be tolerated.  The big event will be from April 15-17, 2011 at the Clinton Street Theater  in SE Portland. If you have some time on any or all of those nights you should come over and hang out with us and catch a few short movies made by bike people, for bike people. It'll be a good time.

All right, good night.