This year, it goes to 11.

We have been hatching plans for our offering of a stock sized bike for a while now. We are almost ready to launch the Signal Saltzman. I'm very excited to announce the details. The bikes will be available in 5 sizes and with two component group options. Due to some supplier price increases we had to add $100 to the complete 105 bike. The price for the rest of 2011 is $3300, and an Ultegra version is $3900. This represents a big savings over a custom bike with a shorter turnaround time. Aluminum fenders that are painted to match are available for an additional $150. The cool thing about this bike is that it is designed by bike shop mechanics as the best bike you can buy for the money. We picked the parts and the frame details by asking ourselves "What would I want on my bike?" The answer is a complete Shimano group. From hubs to derailleurs, the 105 and Ultegra groups represe

nt the best in class performance and value on the market. We opted for hand built wheels using the appropriate hubs with Swiss made DT rims and spokes because wheel quality plays a big part in the serviceability and durability of a bike. We decided to use Continental Gatorskin tires for their mix of strength and ride quality. And of course we include a made in Portland Chris King headset with each bike. The first color we picked is "dirty teal". We may offer a second color option. Some of the frame details are that we spec a size specific tubeset. The 60cm frame and the 52cm frame are completely different beasts. The same size tubes on the bigger bike would make for an overly stiff ride in a smaller size and the oposite is true too.

Bikes will be available starting in April. We plan on having a size run of unpainted frames on hand at all times, so when an order is placed, the bike should be ready in 4-6 weeks. Bikes can be ordered at any time during the year.

The other big news that is making 2011 so exciting is that we are building a bike with local Industrial Design firm Ziba! They picked us to be their partners to produce a bike for the Oregon Manifest bike design challenge.

The Design challenge is posing the question "What makes the ultimate modern utility bike?" There are three categories that the bikes will be judged in. The first is how innovative the bike design is. The second is the design and execution, the craftsmanship needs to be top notch. And lastly is a field test where all of the bikes have to be ridden and the required equipment (locks, lights, fenders, racks) will be tested.

We are thrilled to be working on this project with Ziba. Nate and I have a shared interest in Industrial Design, and now we have an opportunity to work on a project with real professionals and to see the inner workings of a ID firm! It's like Industrial Design summer camp! Sorry for the over use of exclamation marks, but I'm really excited. OH! and Core77 the coolest ID website will be covering the whole process.

So stay tuned for more. We'll keep the latest news up to date here on the little ol' signal blog.