I looked back and realized that Nate somehow managed to post the last three blog entries! How did that happen? I've got to end the streak here. We're getting our ducks lined up for the trip to Austin for NAHBS. We have a framebuilder hideaway only two blocks away from the convention center. We recruited Ira Ryan, Sean C from Vertigo, and our friend Ben Leonard of Trucker Racks to help make the place affordable. I'm really looking forward to this show, mostly because Austin is a real bike town (sorry Richmond, and Indianapolis!) and even more because my family is coming. I've never been to Austin, so I hope I can get a little time to check out the city. Usually "checking out the city" during the NAHBS weekend means walking to the closest pub, having a couple beers, and then falling asleep. I saw that Ira is having a garage sale to help fund his trip to the show. It is a really big expense to go to the show and every little bit helps. I love his line about the lavish bean and rice lifestyle, heh. Funny AND true! I'm going to call the trend of the 2011 show the year of the production bike. We are launching our Saltzman bike, Rapha has already launched 4 models of batch bikes. Of course Vanilla has been offering Speedvagon bikes for a few years now. I think Jordan Hufnagel is planning on offering a stock sized bike too (word on the street...). So why is this happening now?

Because we are realizing that volume is we can grow our business. By making more bikes with less detail, we will have a less expensive option. Our bike won't be cheap, (we finally decided $3300 for 105 and $3900 for Ultegra) but due to using less expensive dropouts, and batching up the build process, we are able to build a bike in a quicker timeframe and can justify a lower price. I'm hoping this will be a nice compliment to our custom bikes.

Other things that I'm excited about seeing in Austin? Well, I don't really know till I get there, but I really like seeing other builders and getting to see what they have been up to. I'm curious to see new parts, Drew at Engin posted some pictures of new Paragon dropouts he is working with. Wiki Leaks!!! They may be a good singlespeed option. I'm also looking forward to checking out Mellow Johnny's.

Still on our to-do list, build up the two last bikes, take studio pictures, build and box our crate, pick up t-shirts. The ducks are all lining up!

See you in Austin!