Team Cyclocross News

The Signal CX roster for the upcoming season of races is filled with awesome people that we are proud to have on our bikes. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Pete Zlatnik will be leading the charge in the Men's singlespeed category. Pete is always in the hunt in the SS race. Pete's wife Marila will be representing Signal in the Women's A field. Marila's name only has two syllables, so don't call her Ma-rill-a. She keeps getting faster every year. In the Men's A category we have "Diamond" David Roth high-kicking it into overdrive. Dave lives in Eugene, and that is where I met him. A few years ago he ended up coming out of nowhere to take 2nd in the singlespeed class, giving Soloman Woras a run for his money. Dave is a class act all the way. And speaking of class acts, Carey S-H is our other female rider. She's going to be racing with gears and in the Women's B field. This is her 2nd year racing cross and by the look of the fire in her eyes, I expect she'll be upgrading before the season is over.

And I hope to make it to the races to cheer the team on, and maybe to get out there a bit too. But as for right now, I still have 3 team bikes to build! We are building the bikes up with Columbus tubes and AlphaQ forks. I'm also building 4 sets of Chris King tubular wheels for these bikes (Nate, get back from Nebraska!!).

Yes this should have been started a long time ago, back when there was plenty of time. But then how exciting would that be?

Follow the progress on our flickr page. I'll post all the craziness as it happens.