Pete gets the top step!

Pete won the overall title to the 2009 Short track race series on Monday night. Congratulations Pete! After a couple years of coming close, Pete put it together and dominated the series. I'm convinced that this is just the beginning of Pete's winning ways! And as happens every year, as soon as the last rider crosses the finish line at short track, everyone's collective brain melts a little and we slowly give in to the fact that all we are going to talk about for the next 5 months is CYCLOCROSS!!!!
Get used to it. "What tires are you running?" "Have you seen those new canti-brakes?" "Guess who's rocking the flat bar this year!?"

Ahh cyclocross....

The big news for us is that there will be a Signal Cycles team out on the cyclocross circuit broadcasting bike love all over the place. The goal with the Signal team is to have the nicest people in cyclocross racing for us. People so nice that you won't even mind that they are passing you. You will probably even cheer them on as they go by because they are just that NICE! It should come as no surprise that Pete is going to be on the team representing Signal. It is pretty much impossible to not like Pete. Unless you are some kind of monster.

I'll introduce the other riders as we get closer to Fall.

AND I'm going to be a dad in about 3 weeks!