Street scenes

I've been thinking a lot about transportation bikes lately. The collaboration with Ziba started making me think about problems that I have with my city bike.I decided to start taking pictures of bikes that I see around town and the creative (not always) solutions people come up with to make riding a bike around town easier. When we throw a u-lock in a back pocket, or roll up a pant leg, these are solutions that point to the problem. With a little bit of focused thinking I'm sure we'll come up with creative ways to address these problems. The one that I was thinking about today was how taking wheels off my city bike is a pain. Generator lights, bolt on singlespeed hub, and when you get the wheels off, the fenders still make putting the thing in a car a royal pain. I know bikes aren't meant to ride in cars, but today I was thankful for the ride (Thanks Greg)

Anyhow, here are some pictures that I thought were worth taking.

Also, I'm not sure what is going on, but somehow the ability to post comments got turned off when we redesigned the website. I'm trying to get it fixed, so hold on. I'm sure there will be a flood of comments when I get it figured out! Ha!