Visiting a gastro-intestinal specialist in Dominican Republic

At 6 in the morning the day after NAHBS, running on empty and getting worse, Emily and I dragged ourselves onto a plane headed for two weeks in the Dominican Republic.  We thought the day after the big show would be a perfect time to set out on our much needed vacation. By the time we landed in Santo Domingo Emily and I shared a fever and I don't even remember the taxi ride to our hotel.  We spent the next two days in bed thinking we could sleep it off. Nope. Things got worse and we finally decided to find a clinic. Being sick in a foreign country is a very humbling experience. Emily and I speak travel Spanish, which is not sufficient when trying to explain that you have a cinder block on your chest and faucet for a nose. After being led to the emergency room and declining the test they wanted to perform, an understanding nurse sent us to the one doctor who spoke English and could help us.....a gastro-intestinal specialist. And after declining his "special services" we were prescribed some medicine and sent on our way. After a few rides in the back of some trucks we made our way to the Samana peninsula, searching for the the  beaches reachable only by boat.

We headed to the small, single intersection village of Las Galleras, literally the end of the road. Not much to do here except take small boats out to drift aimlessly in search of humpback whales, get dropped off at the many bay beaches, devour fresh papagaio fish and introduce yourself to one of Dominican's greatest prides......RUM. After a few hours drifting about in our small fishing boat we came across a big fish, like school bus big. I missed catching the picture of Em fluttering her hands around like she touched something hot while mumbling, "O my God, it's so indredible!" It was incredible.

After roaming the dirt streets of Las Galleras for 4 days we thought it was time to move along to Las Terrenas, a bit more developed town in Samana offering more beach living with one HUGE difference........scooter rental! No joking here, renting a scooter to ramble around town and explore gravel roads and remote beaches was the highlight of the trip for me. I even think I got Em considering getting a scooter back in Portland.


Anyways, just thought I could share some of the highlights from our trip. It was a great time but it is nice getting back into the shop and getting a rhythm going. Jumping in where I left off with Jeff B's bike. It's going to be another really elegant brushed stainless bike with stem and racks. Matt is on his family vacation and will be back Friday to finish up the last few Saltzmans before the launch date of April One. Look for the Saltzman webpage to be up and running soon. Thanks for checking in!