Puff tag-a-longs.

This last weekend a bunch of us went down to Oakridge for the Cascade Cream Puff. I have never been there and it always came as a great source of embarasment that I hadn't rode Alpine, Moon Point, and all the other rad trails that Cardinal talks about shredding when he lived in Eugene. I should mention that out of the 12 that went down only 3 were racing. The other 9 softies were in town to ride way shorter rides and root for the home team. I should also mention that I only rode one day, prefering to chill by the river with Elizabeth while the others rode Larison Rock. It was nice until some annoying hill children started throwing rocks and disturbing the peace and quiet.

We started the drive back to PDX just after Matt Hall finished(congrats Matt) and was able to cheer for John Dorfer, Kate Weck and Megan Faris as they left for their last short lap. The huge smiles on their face made me believe they were having fun or maybe their diallated pupils and halucinations made us all look really funny.
We delivered Ellens SS 29er last week and she got it built up and was in Oakridge riding and helping out at the aid stations. She loves her new bike! Its always great to hear their excitement.
Back to work folks. Thanks for stopping in.