July is here and I want to ride my bike!

I did the short track race last night and had a blast! If you scan the results and see how I did you could come to a couple conclusions: #1 I am slow, #2 I am fast. Placing exactly in the middle of a race is a difficult thing to accomplish, and I have to thank Erik Hofland for letting up a bit on the last lap so I could be on the high side of the halfway mark. Erik was the other half of the half-way there club, just depends on where "there" is. Thanks to the crew for putting on another fun event. I was a bit bummed by all the people yelling "PEDALPEDALPEDAL!!!!" in my race. That tree hairpin was hard for everyone, and if you think yelling is going to get you through any faster, you should be racing the pro field. It's singlespeed! Relax!!

This weekend we are heading to Oakridge to support the hard core few who will be riding the Cascade Creampuff. I was going to do it this year, but decided the stress was too much to bare. Instead I will ride some fun trails and cheer for Matt Hall, John Dorfer, Kate Weck, and Megan Faris. And feel guilty for not joining them (if they ask). Yeah, 20,000 feet of climbing on a singlespeed demands a lot of preparation and respect. Good luck guys!

AND this week we should be seeing Ellen's Oregon themed signal back from paint, maybe just in time to shred some Oakridge singletrack? I hope so!

In other news, Nate and I decided to keep the fillet brazed straight stay frame price at $2000. So we are only upping the price for s-bends and lugged bikes. Thanks for those of you who have emailed questions about the new pricing structure, I think it's all up to date on the pricing page.

Enjoy these salad days!