Moving the shop!

Whelp, we did it. We signed the lease on a new space. Signal will be moving into new digs over the month of April. Hopefully we’ll have things rolling in the shop in the next couple of weeks. It’s a little stressful to sign a multi-year lease, but it’s a good time to reflect on where we started and look ahead to what’s in store. Speaking of where we started, it is completely true that Signal wouldn’t be where we are without the aid of Bike Gallery. Nate and I met while working in the shop and then hatched this crazy plan to start an in-house custom bike brand for Bike Gallery and we were pretty shocked when they went along with it! After a couple years of trying to get efficiency built up and trying to make the bikes attractive to BG customers, it became apparent that Signal would find more success only dealing directly with customers. This is when Bike Gallery made Nate and me an offer that we couldn’t refuse. We bought the company and have been running the show for the last two years. It’s been a huge learning experience, sometimes we would find ourselves riding a wave of momentum and other times minor setbacks would be heart breaking. During this time we continued to work for Bike Gallery, Nate as a mechanic, and me as a graphic designer.


We kept refining the shop space we had, and finally decided that we needed to move. We were wasting too much time and energy working around each other in that tiny shop. With all that is happening in 2011 we realized that more space is an absolute necessity. And now that there are a lot of bikes rolling through the Signal shop I decided it is the right time to stop working at the Bike Gallery and focus on Signal. I’m really excited about 2011. The Saltzman bike launch will be happening soon and the Oregon Manifest project continues to be inspiring and interesting. Being able to spend more time and energy with Signal should make the experience of buying one of our bikes better for our customers too.

We are going to be neighbors with our friends at Corsa Concepts, Mitch of MAP cycles, and Joseph Ahearne. Being a part of this community of builders should make everything a little easier for us. We’ll let you know when we are having our housewarming party!