Pete sweeps the leg!!

Congrats to Signal team rider Pete Z. for destroying the single speed race last night at short track. I didn't have the pleasure of seeing it in person but I heard he attacked at the last second to take the win. Sweet! I wish I had a photog to share but I don't so instead I'll share this shot taken awhile back of the seat that Matt uses on his touring bike.

In shop news. Getting started on Chris D's bike this week. It's headed to battle the cross scene in sunny Scotland! Ellen's MTB, Leslie's coupler, disc touring rig and Emily's light tour/club racer are all at the paint shop. Lot's of sweet stuff coming soon.

Like Smokey, I was in a world of pain last Saturday. Matt Hall somehow convinced Matt and I to go on his birthday mountain bike ride. Climbed up to Timberline Lodge via a dirt road and came down Pioneer Bridle trail. Super fun but reminds me that I will never go up hill very fast. Never in my entire life.

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