First bike in the new shop

This week marks the beginning of life in the new Signal Cycles shop. It's pretty crazy that we have as much space as we do. I remember so many times in the garage when me and Nate would give a big sigh and say "Can you imagine us moving into a real shop?" It was always just some far off fantasy. But now it's real and it feels so great to start the day in the new space.

I started working on a very special bike for a friend of ours. Brett Flemming of Efficient Velo Tools has been a constant source of support for Signal Cycles. When we were just fooling around making odd bikes here and there, Brett offered guidance and knowledge that we really needed. He has got to be the most accomplished bike mechanic I'll ever get to meet. Brett got to make tools for Shimano and shares a patent for one of his tools with them.

Anyway, back to the bike;

Brett's wife Ruth has had a difficult time finding a bike to fit her. She has access to any off the shelf bike out there, but there just isn't anything available that allows her the proper riding position. Her handlebar height needs to be very tall and Brett even made a custom stem for her current bike, a Trek road bike. So we have taken her fit numbers and drawn up a frame that will allow her the proper riding position, and still look like it was meant to be made that way. The bike features disc brakes, 700c wheels, fenders, racks and an extra special head tube treatment. Today I managed to get most of the tubes cleaned and mitered, tomorrow should be some brazing and finishing. This picture doesn't show the third top tube, but you get the idea