First 2011 trout

This last weekend I headed down to Oregon City for an evening of kid sitting for my brother and Signal crosser, Andy and his wife Erin. They have four great kids and each have there own new little chicks that they are raising. We spent the night eating mac'n'cheese and talking about chickens. Good times. Being south of Portland and halfway to a few of my favorite little trout streams, I decided to spend the night and head out in the morning to cast flies to some wild cutthroat and rainbow trout. Although these native fish are small at 10-12", they are feisty and have some really beautiful colors! It was a sweet day in a early Oregon summer kinda way, a bit of sun and rain with mist in the tree tops. The creeks were not ideal with the rain but I managed to find a few fish! I'm really excited about fly fishing again and hope to find more time this year to head out. If there are any fly fishers out there reading who want to tag along, send me an email and maybe we could work out a trip.

As for work, we are looking to build up Jeff B's sweet road bike with racks this week and will get going on Tony R's lugged bike, too. We are also playing around with the Signal/Ziba prototypes for the Oregon Manifest but have to keep the photos highly classified untill later! Thanks for checking in!