argh! my back!

I was working in the garage this morning trying to put the final touches on Ellen's sweet 29er when my back did a tweak move all on it's own. I've had back problems before, they usually crop up when I'm really stressed and lift something heavy. This time it didn't take any heavy lifting. The good news for me is that I got to go see Autumn Peterson for a massage. Autumn is rad and I feel a lot better already!

So where did all the stress come from? I've got a big old bucket of responsibility that I'm hauling around these days. Everything in there is something I am excited about, but the bucket is getting full! Add to that my ancient age of 37, and it's a recipe for aching backs. I'm pretty sure yoga is going to be the prescription for my continued health. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day.

In other news, our baby is growing inside Liz's belly. We see a lot of movement going on in there in the evenings when we sit on the couch and relax a bit. Baby girl Cardinal is pretty active. We are at 30 weeks, so someone is going to have a birthday soon!