It's mid may

How did this happen? I can't believe the speed that the days go by. After a crappy few weeks that included loosing the big old cherry tree, and Otto the most beautiful annoying cat, and traveling to Arizona to visit my Dad in the hospital after open heart surgery, I am SO ready for a relaxing summer. I've decided to opt out of the creampuff and just focus on building bikes, and lowering my stress level. Sorry Matt H and John D, but I can't imagine spending the next two months putting in the necessary miles to survive the creampuff, while my pregnant wife sits and watches. The creampuff will always be there.

In the shop this week we are working on a s&s coupler lugged disc/fender touring bike, a singlespeed 29er and our first geared cross bike of 2009. We have a few more lined up later on, but this one is for the winner of the Rapha roller races from the Oregon Manifest last year. Yeah it takes that long to get your free bike. Sorry Craig!

We'll be posting build pictures on our flickr page as we take them. Follow the developments there!