Barb's blue bike!

let's go!
This is Barb's new sporty touring bike. Barb and her husband Joel are avid bike tourists and plan trips every year. Barb has been riding a cyclocross bike and "making it work" for the past few years, which means putting up with a bike that isn't right for the job. The fit was never quite right and the cantilever brakes just didn't quite have enough stopping power. So we put together this lugged steel frame and matched it to a carbon fork. We used long reach Shimano brakes to allow for full coverage fenders and wide tires when needed. Barb really wanted a kickstand, so we built in a plate that works for the Pletcher double leg stand. It's going to make loading bags a lot easier, and keep the beautiful paint job by Keith Anderson protected from dings and scratches. And to keep the cables from wearing through the paint on the head tube we brazed on some cable guide rings.
seat cluster
Unfortunately she isn't going to be able to ride her new bike for a little while, she just broke her collar bone. It was the result of a run in with a car door, and Barb got the worst of it. It's going to be a few more weeks until she's back in the saddle, but until then, she has a beautiful bike that she can get inspired to ride and can look forward to putting tons of miles on it. Get better soon Barb!metallic blue