spring cleaning

Nate and I spent some quality time with a broom yesterday. The shop has been feeling a bit cramped lately, so we re-positioned a few shelves and tried to think about the flow of our work. The big incentive for the cleaning was that we are going to be included in another coffee table book about custom bikes! The Photographer was in our shop Friday for a few hours and took a ton of pictures. His background is in motorcycles, but his real passion is photography. I'm always up for talking bikes, so the interview was interesting. We just finished up an interview with Rapha for the continental project, so it seems we've been doing more talking than building lately. I noticed that an interesting thing happens when trying to explain the nature of what we are doing, I hear myself explain it and verbalize things that have been just running around in my head, and that makes them real instead of just ideas. We spent a lot of time talking about the value of goods bought locally, vs. cheaper bigger, and the craft of building anything at 100% of your ability.
Anyway, it was a good day. And we have some new pictures of Cameron's white road bike, and a couple of Carey's Rapha bike that we'll be sharing on the site soon. Thanks for reading.