New book!

Last year during the show at NAHBS we were approached by a couple that said they wanted to talk to us about being in a book about handmade bicycles. We had no idea what to expect, but got all the images and stuff and sent it off to Australia, and then kind of forgot about it. Well the book is almost out and it sounds like it's going to be pretty cool. Bike Portland got an advance copy (I'm not sure when we'll get ours!) they mention who the other local builders are, and we're in very good company. Vanilla made the cover, Ira Ryan and Strawberry are the other Portland builders. Thanks have to go out to Jens Schrader for pointing those guys our way at the show. I know we totally got lucky being included with such established builders, but it really feels good to be a part of this thing.

The book isn't available yet, but should be later this spring. Looks like Powell's is offering a pre-order option on their site.